BYTE Payment Hub

Collectors require payment solutions and services to provide its customers online payments. BYTE Payment Hub is an integrated solution, focusing its operation 24/7, which offers the industry highly competitive advantages of integration between different payment channels and a wide range of billers. 

The primary objective of BYTE Payment Hub is to connect many collectors with multiple biller payments. It's able to deploy different interface types and workflows business oriented.

Receiving channels that can use payment Payment Hub BYTE:
 Financial institutions and their multiple channels.  
 Kiosks .  
 Third party collectors.

Billers who can make use BYTE Payment Hub:
 Utilities (water, electricity, gas, transport)
 Schools, Universities
 Gyms, Residences, Condos, among others.

 High availability operation.  
 PCI compliance and security protocols adopted in the banking industry.  
 Traceability of transactions.  
 Growth in demand and load balancing.  
 Highly configurable: operations, rules, answers, and information structures.  
 Commission payment and collection control by channel and biller.
Byte payments Hub consists of:
 Fee payment rules.  
 Accounts receivable collection and control for billers offline.  
 E-commerce gateway.  
 Mobile application (iOS and Android).
 Control,  fraud prevention, and alerts.
 Electronic money.