• FMS - Fraud Management System
  • FMS - Fraud Management System

FMS - Fraud Management System

BYTE Fraud Management System an enterprise-class solution providing added value to system transactions and events from different applications, within the organization, detecting situations classified as high risk or possible fraud cases.

FMS BYTE acquires data from multiple information sources, using different technologies to gather data queue, database, web services, files, among others.  This information is analyzed to detect risky transactions for the company, monitors compliance with processes based on rules established by the organization.

One of the outstanding features of FMS BYTE is that you can evaluate any area of your business, IT, accounting, operations, etc. Additionally, it is a configurable tool, which will help to create alerts that you consider relevant to every area of your business.

 You can configure a broad range of alerts.
 It can integrate with many data sources.
 Its evaluation is performed in real time, which helps to make immediate decisions and prevent any anomaly.
 It helps to identify fraud events or risks to the company.
 Keeps you posted about the current situation of your business.
 Generates useful information for analysis and create KPIs.
 FMS can be used in any industry.
 Alert creation is 100% configurable.
 Total operation independence.