It is the mediator between network elements and information systems from CSPs. Its primary function is to collect, format and deliver usage records (xDRs) to the target systems. It allows usage normalization records to standardize rules, applying filters and information enrichment functions by xDR type.

BYTE INTERACT Collection allows simultaneous delivery to multiple destinations, such as billing systems, interconnection, and fraud analysis. It can filter out unnecessary information, duplicated information, and complete missing information fields. It is highly scalable and has capabilities to operate in high availability.

BYTE Interact Collection provides the flexibility to unify usage records (UDRs),  that belongs to the same call and has been generated by the same network element, in multiple records in a long-lasting call. This feature allows the operator to deliver to billing systems in a unified way.

 Multiprotocol, you can have your files in FTP,  database,  SFTP, Telnet, socket and web-services.
 Highly scalable with multithreading growing on demand.
 Configurable formats in each record.
 Information traceability.
 The high expertise of our staff to set the record formats and usage of the network elements.