• Interact Provisioning
  • Interact Provisioning

BYTE INTERACT Provisioning

Full provisioning online system that allows reception of generic instructions, administration, and execution of commands for provisioning tasks to the network elements of the CSPs.

BYTE INTERACT Provisioning is highly configurable, providing users with extensive possibilities for defining protocols, formats, commands and flow orders to the network elements. This solution ensures fast and easy integration into any environment with different network elements of several brands and suppliers.

 Communication and interaction with other systems.
 Protocol supported:  FTP, CORBA, ASN.1, NFS, Tuxedo, Data Base, Socket, SOAP, HTTP, telnet, web services, iPP.
 Scalable architecture.
 Multithreaded transactions.
 Session administration.
 Prioritization in transactions.
 Flows and sub-flows configuration according to provisioning rules.
 Reusable configuration.
 Infrastructure services, blog management, statistics management, persistence and recovery in case of failure, alarms notification (database, mail, SMS).
 Versioning settings management
 Error notifications management.

Error configurations:

It provides an error handling component:  Is done through component alarms. It allows alerts configuration to different destinations, and the flows can be programmed to perform responsive actions to alarms.