• Number Portability
  • Number Portability

BYTE Number Portability

This solution supports portability management and monitoring of requests for number portability between operators. The solution facilitates integration, between OSS/BSS and ADB (administrator of a database, abstracting the complexity of communication and allowing portability manage applications in an efficient and orderly manner.

Porta BYTE is a solution that ensures internal communication, between operators when making required transactions by the process of number portability. Porta BYTE has security modules, configuration, reporting, notifications, and operations management, is easy to use. It is highly configurable, allowing adjustments to the business rules without requiring changes to the software.

It has an architecture allowing fast integration with different systems, which helps the operators time and reduces costs in implementations.

 It enables compliance with LSA in a regulation of each country.
 Independent platform from ADB.
 Supports any numbering plan in any country.
 It has notification tools to guarantee management security.
 Porta BYTE helps in the client´s satisfaction.
 Reduces costs.
 Simplifies number assignation processes and minimizes errors.
 Generates automatic reports that will help find the information as you schedule.
 Notifications to clients of valuable information and customer care improvement.

  • Lima, Peru, June 2017: The initiative to include new standards, which was presented in August of last year, was approved and included in version 16.5, in which the processes of Number Portability were defined so as to allow the operators needing to provide this service to have the best practices...
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