• OCS - Real Time Charging
  • OCS - Real Time Charging


The telecommunications service carriers are required to have flexibility and control over their services in real time to monetize better their network. BYTE OCS is an advanced online, modular, scalable and convergent charging system. It makes online charges for data, applications, voice and messages, in postpaid and prepaid products.

BYTE OCS operates independently of the network technology with which it coexists, allowing dynamic account management, plans and subscribers, bringing the functions of charge (charging) beyond the direct administration of the quota for multiple simultaneous services in real time.  BYTE OCS Meets the 3GPP standard model specifications.

It facilitates the diversification of family and corporate plans, allowing them to be shared between plan members and their devices. The creation of new plans is agile and can be performed directly by the commercial user because this is set up, not encoded.

It has traceability consumption of different services and facilitates efficiently monetize its network capacity.

 Supports multiple services (data, applications, voice and messages).
 Real-time charging and online charging application.
 Independence from technology network from the carrier.
 Supports different signaling systems. 
 High availability embedded in the application.
 Virtualization support (NFV).
 Offline charging integrated.
 Charging management.
 Balance customer management.

BYTE OCS provides communication interfaces with commercial systems, showing the packages and plans available for integration with the business offer.