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IN-service BYTE

BYTE IN-service platform provides a multi-service prepaid system. It can be handled in a single telecommunication system in different services as Dispatch, SMS, Data and Calling Card. The Telecommunication product supports real time through a signaling interface called SS7. Other products such as SMS, Dispatch (PTT) are handled by CDRs on a near-real-time mode. 

Among its main components BYTE IN-service features:

BYTE IN-service Engine:

Processes core telephone calls via SS7 based signaling.  It includes its stack of SS7 protocols such as MTP (level 1, 2 and 3) and ISUP.  It performs all processing information of the received signal from the network or associated links, allowing the rest of BYTE IN-service platform to work in a  granular way, on the messages received. It is responsible for sending messages to the network, or links to perform operations on network elements related to features of the prepaid platform.

BYTE IN-Service Rating:  

It allows the management of rate plans associated with each subscriber. It offers different rates and types of charges; either by second or by a minute. As additional tools, there is a creation and management module of virtual cards and pins, creation of promotions, and transfer balances between accounts provided.

Card batches can be organized for greater consumption control:
 Prepaid cards. 
 Virtual Pins. 
 Demand Pins. 
 Free Pins. 
 Consumption Bonus. 

BYTE IN-Service Calling Card:  

BYTE IN-Service Calling Card, allows local calls, domestic long distance calls, international long distance calls, individual numbers and IVR calls. This module is handled through tariff plans by service type. Additionally, it includes a Family and Friends module, to provide an easier rate configuration to such destinations.