• STC - Customer & Revenue Management
  • STC - Customer & Revenue Management


Communication Service Providers (CSPs) work with a complete toolkit to achieve business objectives, from client management, products, commercial plans, promotions, to charging and collection.

STC BILLING is a solution that empowers CSPs with a suite that helps you to be competitive in a market in constant evolution. Its flexibility allows new products to have a shorter time-to-market, and be more responsive to changes in a commercial landscape.

STC BILLING  allows billing management from different types of services, mobile (LTE, 3G, iDEN), cable and data links.  STC BILLING has a scalable architecture that can expand to handle plenty numbers of subscribers, for successful business growth.

 Integrated Commercial offers a broad range of products and services.
 The Customer Service System can manage prospective sales information.
 Handles different versions of promotions and client offers.
 Manages commercial plans that suit any industry.
 Highly configurable rate plans.
 Operates post-sale transactions.
 STC Billing manages service suspension, integrated with provisioning and work orders systems.
 It has a document digitalization tool.
 Manages collections and late payments.