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ISIS is a client service system designed for Internet consultation that has become a new means of communication with clients. ISIS allows telecommunications operators to provide efficient services 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Additionally, ISIS permits businesses to generate new income through the commercialization of services related to Internet consultation.

Clients benefit from advantages such as a service that is available any time and any place, like the one provided by ISIS.

Elements of this client service module include:

  • Display of general information
  • Statement of account consultation
  • Detailed report of calls consultation
  • Consumption historic graphs
  • Billing consultations
  • Post-sale transactions
  • Claims

ISIS is a tool that will allow the subscriber to access updated information about his or her account. At the same time it is a differential factor for the telecommunications company.


  • Increased client loyalty
  • New sources of income
  • Completely online with the billing central system
  • The final user obtains easy and convenient client services