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JTELLER solution for cashier and signatures

JTeller is a powerful alternative in the market that serves cashiers. It works in a browser  environment by means of centrally managed parameters and automatic sending of modifications to parameters and signatures to the branch offices.

It is a transactional system that allows native communication with Byte’s Financial Banking solution, so that transactions executed from JTeller may affect any of the collection or fund placement modules of the bank online. An example of JTeller’s flexibility is its capability of connecting itself to various “core banking” systems.

JTeller can also perform transactions off-line, that is, if communication is interrupted, the branch office is autonomous enough to continue performing transactions. When communication with the central computer is reestablished, these transactions are sent to the host and the cashiers simultaneously, so they continue to work without interrupting transactions at the branch office.

Maintenance and the creation of transactions are designed in such a way that it is very easy for the final user to perform updates in the system, which can determine the date when changes will be in force, at which branch offices, and which cashiers will be available for specific transactions, etc.

JTeller is a member of a versatile family of products that respond to demanding needs of the branch office environment. This family includes powerful systems to serve:

  • Platforms
  • ATMs
  • Signatures
  • Management of images