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Byte Kiosk

The Byte Kiosk self-service system is a key element in diversifying distribution channels of banks. Its implementation allows clients of a bank to be served promptly and efficiently. Its functionality is a clear differentiating factor in an increasingly competitive market.

These devices solve most of the needs of clients and provide basic platform services without assistance from an officer, thus reducing pressure on client service personnel and facilitating prompt client service. Usual simple tasks, such as consultations, as well as more complex operations such as transfers and payment of services, can be performed by means of Byte Kiosk self-service systems.

BYTE Kiosks are an excellent option for increasing coverage and satisfying the demand for client services more efficiently. The technology available today allows these services not only as a complement to branch offices, but also at strategic locations outside the banking environment.


An important element of Byte Kiosks is its parameterization tools that provide the basis for the different options available for the client. One of these components is the Intranet technology it is built on. This provides security to the bank since the only software component installed is an Internet browser.

No additional local software or component installations are needed, so administering and updating the units can be done from the central and no manual distribution will be necessary.

Regarding hardware, a touchscreen monitor can be the starting point up to equipment specially designed for this purpose, all of which are available at affordable prices.