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It is the corporate solution specialized in the analysis of transactions or events generated by different systems, in order to identify unusual behaviors that indicate a  possible inconsistency, risk or fraud within the organization.

Fraud Management

It specializes in monitoring various types of transactions, to identify suspicious activities or situations.

Its powerful anomaly engine based on business rules allows it to adapt to changing prevention needs, analyzing individual operations, patterns or accumulation of amounts that denote unusual movements.


Main features

  • Supervised and unsupervised engine for decision validation and fraud detection: It has two engines for the detailed validation of the transactions sent by the business, identifying anomalous events with more precision.

  • Real Time Detection: Technology for evaluating transactions in real or scheduled time.

  • Multiple Channel Monitoring: It allows the monitoring of information through multiple payment and customer service channels to identify anomalous behaviors.

  • Business Rules Management, through intuitive processes that allow you to put the operational rules immediately.

  • Definition of rules based on business needs, being able to enter one or more rules for the generation of an alert.

  • Alert Notification, by means of a Notification Manager, which allows specifying the type of notification, the users that will be notified and the moment that said notification will be made.

  • flexible integrations that allow integration with different systems, through open and configurable interfaces, supporting multiple communication protocols.

  • Case Tray for managing the workflow, for those cases generated as a result of the alerts and that require a more specific analysis.

  • External integrations with risk assessment entities, identification entities, among other institutions, that allow a real risk assessment to be carried out in the cases that are required.

  • Supervised self-learning, allowing the identification of anomalous behaviors, using predictive models trained for pattern recognition based on transactional profiles to identify potential fraud.

  • Single management platform which includes integration to information sources, real-time decision engine, rule management, case management, reporting and business intelligence.

  • Management of Automatic actions that are activated after an alert is generated and that allow the execution of  commands, procedures or SQL statements, to mitigate the alerts generated.

Cases Applied within the solution
Banks and financial services
  • Validation of movement limit by transaction amount or accumulated amount.

  • Validation of movements in suspended or blocked accounts that generate movements.

  • Identification of behavior changes that do not match the profile defined by the client.

  • Verification of movements from digital channels. 

  • Verification of movements in debit or credit cards.

  • Automatic verification of policy applications and renewals.

  • Validation in the assignment of  recurring indemnities derived from the same person over a period of time.

  • Validation of  indemnities that exceed a maximum limit defined by the insurer.

  • Payments of the same policy with different cards.

  • Validations in sales and post-sale transactions.

  • Customer validations in risk assessment companies (credit bureau).

  • Credit verification for subscriber consumption (consumption limit).

  • Validation at the till for payments greater than those defined by the business.

  • Validation of orders completed with an error in the subscriber center.

  • Control for changes in Post-sale transactions (Change in billing information, change in consumption limit, among others).

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BFM Benefits

  • Monitoring in real time, periodic or based on events, adapting to the needs of the business.

  • It provides a complete and real-time view of business activities, allowing you to deal with possible threats generated.

  • Continuous supervision of controls and internal processes to detect anomalies in a timely manner, generating alerts for immediate attention.mediate.

  • Reduction of fraud due to unusual changes in the habitual behavior of the client or of the processes, through differential analysis techniques.

  • Permanent reduction of the Fraud Index until bringing it to acceptable levels.

  • Early detection of fraud cases, applying Machine Learning techniques.

  • Analysis of the statistical information of the generated alerts, which allows knowing and evaluating the most frequent types of fraud.

  • Modular solution adapted according to the needs of the business, guaranteeing an intelligent investment and cost reduction.

  • Allows coexistence with existing applications in the business, for  identification of possible fraud scenarios.

  • Reduction of the operational effort, through the standardization of control rules.

  • Allows the processing of high volumes of information and in prudential times.

  • Reduction of False Positives, through the definition of expert rules and statistical models

  • Incremental deliveries of the product in short periods of time, which remain operational and give immediate results.

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