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Our commitment to quality and efficiency, allows our customers to experience constant growth in their services. Increasingly we process millions of transactions that are reconciled and settled safely and reliably.

robust solutions!

The trust placed in our solutions has allowed us to integrate the banking network of Guatemala and Panama, through our critical mission solutions.

One of our main success stories integrates an important network of banks in Honduras under a multi-agency model.

Automation and Efficiency


Our solutions are focused not only on the automation of tasks, but on the transformation and digitization of business processes, making operations more efficient both at the processing level and at the settlement, accounting and closing level.

Consensus is the ideal and complete solution to improve in high percentages of cost and time, the efficiency of the conciliation, settlement and closing processes.


Consensus has the ability to extract and understand different types of inputs and from different sources, unifying all the data to later reconcile and balance according to the defined criteria.  

Subsequently, it not only determines the balancing or finding of differences, but also has the capability to generate closing and settlement files, as well as entries and accounting interface.

Fondo abstracto

Compensation Core

Interconnecting banking institutions in real time

interbank clearing

It allows the implementation of different operating conditions such as definition of transactional processing schedules, exchange of transactional files in batches, generation of settlements between banks, handling of incoming and outgoing files, execution of billing processes and segregation of high/low value clearing processes.

  • Handling of multiple transactional cycles.

  • Execution of tests for image validations (IQA).

  • Online interconnection with financial institutions.

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